Cameron Richards

Cameron I am 22 years old I have multiple Disabilities since birth and have volunteer for disabled based youth for 11 years. I have worked with multiple branches of dvc. I am a good listener when it comes to hearing people that need to do a “Data”

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Matt - Our Way

Matt Hello, my name is Matt. I live in Kidderminster Worcestershire.  I have been a member of Our Way Advocacy for over 12 years during that time I have been involved with many different projects representing the members of Our Way making sure their opinions and voices

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Bev - Hereford MENCAP

Bev My name is Bev and I am the Link Worker for Herefordshire Mencap.  We are based in Herefordshire. I have lived in my flat in Hereford since 2007.  I go to Rose Tinted Rags on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I make things out of recycled fabrics.  Last

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