Solihull Action through Advocacy has been an independent charity for 25 years.  This means they are not council funded.  This charity has provided Advocacy for people with Learning Disabilities and Autism.

The Advocate always treats you with respect, they speak to people on your behalf.  It can be your G.P or Hospital.  All the staff at Solihull Advocacy work with a lot of people that live in Solihull, the staff have always got the time for you.

I have two Advocates that are there for me: Claire and Kirsty. Emma is my boss.  Claire and Kirsty phone me up to see if I am ok.  Nothing is too much for them. Without Solihull Advocacy I would not be here today.  When I first went to the office I was in a dark place and they helped me. My heart goes out to them for all the help that they give to me.

These are the groups that I am a service user of

  • Advisory Board
  • Hidden lives Remembered (this project has just finished though)
  • Peer Visits
  • Solihull learning disability Council
  • The West Midlands Self Advocacy Network (I am a Link worker for SATA) and I love my job!

For more info on SATA, visit or call 0121 706 4696.