The work of Speakeasy NOW

Who we are and what we do

“Speakeasy NOW is a charity supporting self advocacy groups with members all over Worcestershire.

Self advocacy helps people with learning difficulties to speak up for yourself and get things done for yourself and others with a learning disability and if you have a problem to point them in the right direction”

Our self-advocacy groups meet up once a month and talk about what is important to them.
They talk about everything from local news to things that affect people with learning disabilities all over the UK.
Members of the group help each other out and make friendships.

The Self Advocacy Groups in Worcestershire are:

  • COMET in Malvern
  • SEVERN SOURCE in Worcester
  • SPEAKERS CORNER in Droitwich
  • WALLACE HOUSE in Evesham

Quality Checkers

Speakeasy NOW employ Health Checkers to help make changes.  If anyone has a problem – Speakeasy NOW can help them or point them in the right direction.  Like, if someone has a problem with a GP or a Dentist or a Hospital

Speakeasy NOW Quality Checkers Team have been trained to carry out quality checks and make recommendations, where required, to ensure that health services are better for people with learning disabilities and or autism.

What else do we do?

Speakeasy NOW hold Forum Meetings where issues from group members can be brought and talked about through its Partnership Board and projects: Health Checkers, Peoples Parliament, Staying Healthy and Having a Voice.

Speakeasy NOW also works with young adults and BAME groups.

Speakeasy NOW produces Easy Read documents.  We helped one member produce an Easy Read tenancy agreement.

Adults with learning difficulties use their lived experience to go into schools to teach young people about adults with learning difficulties and autism.


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